Lue mitä asiakkaamme ovat olleet mieltä mökeistämme

We enjoyed a lot our stay. The cottage is very nice and confortable and the location is great. The owner is very helpful. We particularly enjoyed the sauna, swimming on the lake and the sunsets by the deck. Our stay in Hepolehto was the highlight of our trip.

Hepolehto, Hankasalmi, Järvi-Suomi

Pilar, Espanja

We’ve had a wonderful time at the cottage. The cottage and the lakeviews are stunning! It was a dream watching the sunset over the lake and waking up with such beautiful views. The cottage has everything a family needs to spend a nice holidays. I would highly recommend it! Also, I would like to thank you for solving all our doubts and being this nice! If we come back to Finland we will contact you again.

Villa Viktoriya mökki, Ruokolahti, Järvi-Suomi

Neus, Espanja

We had an amazing stay at the Kulmala cottage! The setting and cottage itself were beautiful, relaxing and refreshing. We enjoyed swimming and rowing in the lake, picking strawberries on the farm and relaxing in the gazebo and sauna. I would definitely recommend this cottage to my friends and family. It was perfect for the three generations of our family that stayed there with the youngest guest being 2 years old. Thank you so much!

Kulmala mökki, Kannonkoski, Järvi-Suomi

Ruby, Yhdysvallat

Simply perfect….the cottage, the lake, the location, the neighbourhood, everything exactly as expected from the presentation and the pictures from your homepage. We liked the silence,the peacefulness,the isolation. The service of Finland Cottage Rentals was very good. Especially the support by Matthew with various questions. If one of our friends or relatives intends to spent a vacation in Finnland we will recommend to surf your homepage.

Tainan Tupa, Sysmä, Järvi-Suomi

Helmut, Saksa

Meitä oli Maja Aurorassa neljä henkilöä kaksi viikkoa. Mökki on tilava ja hyvä muuten, mutta vaatteiden säilytystiloja ei ole. Ei mitään vaatekaappeja, eikä lipastoja vaan tavarat piti säilyttää lattialla laukuissa tai toisen huoneen ylimääräisten sänkyjen päällä. Keittiö ja pesutilat ihan hyvät. Pyykinpesukone plussaa, samoin kuivauskaappi. En tilannut loppusiivousta, vaan siivosimme itse. Pölynimurin pölypussi oli aivan täynnä, eikä uutta löytynyt, joten isäntä kävi tyhjentämässä sen, että saatiin imuroitua kunnolla. Majan paikka ja ympäristö hieno. Kaiken kaikkiaan viihdyimme siellä hyvin. Varaus kauttanne sujui todella hyvin ja voisin varata mökin kauttanne uudestaankin. Voin suositella teitä muillekin. Kiitos!

Maja Aurora, Kilpisjärvi, Lappi

Aune, Suomi

We were extremely happy with the house – nicely designed, decorated, warm. and fully equipped with practically everything we needed. We only had troubles with (un)locking the main door and had to call the owner once. He came very fast to fix the problem; not fully successful though. Despite of that we really enjoyed all our stay in the house very much.

Tunturituuli A mökki, Saariselkä, Lappi

Mateja, Hollanti

We enjoyed a lot our staying there! Peaceful, clean and relaxing place with all the comforts we aspected.
See you soon!

Harmaa Hukka mökki, Äänekoski

Emiliano, Italia

We had a wonderful holiday in Finland. The weather was generally good and we equally enjoyed the days when the snow fell heavily. The cottage was excellent (even though it was slightly smaller than the previous cottage we booked with you). The location was perfect and all the facilities we needed, were in the cottage. It is always easy to book cottages with you guys. You give us enough options to give some variety to think about, but you don’t overburden us with too many things to consider, That approach is much appreciated. The facility to access the cottage via the safe / keypad system in the entrance area was very good. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Pyha and we will book with you again in the future. Your information is always timely, thorough, clear and precise and therefore we have a confidence in you.

Pyhäpari B, Pyhä, Lappi

Tim, Iso-Britannia