Lue mitä asiakkaamme ovat olleet mieltä mökeistämme

Our stay at LAKESIDE BEAVER was magical. Everything was so perfect and the views were stunning. Even though we got some neighbours it felt that place was all for ourselves. Thanks for keeping this place spotless.

Lakeside Beaver mökki, Kesälahti, Järvi-Suomi

Leticia, Suomi

We enjoyed our stay a lot. The keys were already in the cottage, so we had an easy check in and check out. The cottage had everything we needed, was big and it was wonderful to have Sauna, play dart and go to the lake.

Hepolehto mökki, Hankasalmi, Järvi-Suomi

Julia, Saksa

After our stay to Pohjan Tähti we can only say that everything was fantastic. The cottage had all we needed, the surroundings are incredible, the place is really quiet and the service was perfect. For sure I will recommend this cottage to friends and other families that would like to disconnect during their holidays in Joensuu.

Pohjan Tähti mökki, Joensuu, Järvi-Suomi

Xavier, Espanja

Let me tell you the location and the cottage amazing. Regarding Mr. Vilho, the cottage owner, an exceptional man, was very helpful. Thank you for having us there.

Hilla mökki, Ruka, Lappi

Alex, Iso-Britannia

A holiday of a lifetime. Ketorinne has plenty of space for 3 adult couples, a well-equipped kitchen, warm and cosy and less than an hour from the airport. A perfect place to do nothing and just read a book or play games from the well stocked games cupboard. Reindeer wandered past the cottage every day, including Christmas Day. We did: downhill skiing at Ruka, a scintillating snowmobile tour to the Russian border, husky and reindeer rides, walks in Oulanka National Park and up Konttainen (wonderful views). Finland Cottage Rentals were exceptional. Communication was easy and they responded promptly and clearly with any queries. A very big thank you to the cabin owners who prepared their cottage so perfectly, before leaving us to enjoy our unforgettable Christmas.

Ketorinne mökki, Ruka, Lappi

David, Australia

We loved every minute.

Keropiekana mökki, Pyhä, Lappi

Yaana, Australia

We just came back to Italy and I wanted to thank you for the beautiful cottage where we spent unforgettable days. Yours is a beautiful country where we hope to return soon. Thank you!

Tunturikoivu B1 mökki, Saariselkä, Lappi

Armando, Italia

We enjoyed a lot our stay. The cottage is very nice and confortable and the location is great. The owner is very helpful. We particularly enjoyed the sauna, swimming on the lake and the sunsets by the deck. Our stay in Hepolehto was the highlight of our trip.

Hepolehto, Hankasalmi, Järvi-Suomi

Pilar, Espanja